Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon

This is my friend Jen that I've been training for the race with. She is an amazing runner and really pushed me and we went on some really fun runs. Unfortunately during all of our training, I got a couple of injuries. I first got shin splints and was out for 3 weeks. Then I got a knee injury that put me out 2 weeks. I got back into it and was able to finish training. Race day came and the race started off great! I loved the energy and all the runners. But even before I hit mile 1, I knew my knee was going to give me trouble. By mile 2 i couldn't even bend my knee. It was so miserable. I text Jed by mile 4 saying I couldn't make it. I seriously didn't know what to do! But he text me back and encouraged me to keep going. He didn't realize how bad it was though. So there I went... running 11 miles without bending my left leg. I looked ridiculous! You should all try it or I'll gladly give you a demonstration next time I see you! I would start to tear up here and there because it was so painful. I would have people stop me and ask if i needed to stop. And of course that made me even more determined to finish! I really was so sad that I didn't do as good as I wanted. But I've gone to the doctor and to physical therapy to treat my "IT Band Syndrome" and should be good to run the Bear Lake 1/2 marathon next month!
My cute supportive husband waiting for me at the end of the race. Thanks for all the massages, ice packs, advil, foot rubs and support! He promised he is doing the next race with me!