Monday, August 10, 2009

Guard Dog

Last night we decided to keep our 2 sliding glass doors open instead of the A/C. At about 11:30, Kota started freaking out. He ran on the deck, looked down below and was barking. Then he would run to our front door and back out to the deck. He hasn't ever acted like that before. I went out on the deck and just said to him "Kota what is going on!" (I like to think he can understand me). I didn't see anything so i went back inside but he was still being weird. So i went on the deck again and this guy was RUNNING down the side walk and got in his car and screeched away! It was creepy!! We live in an "old folks" community so most people are asleep by 9 so this was all weird. I'm so glad Kota scared the guy off whatever he was doing! Come to find out the next morning, Jeds truck had been robbed. Lovely.Luckily they only got away with a few things! I really think Kota scared them! He is so sweet but very protective.