Thursday, July 15, 2010

Way too long

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I promised my GF Kristi i would. Life has been crazy. I don't know how we handle it sometimes. We both work full time then work after work. I feel like i never see Jed and i miss him even though we live together. He is so amazing! He is the hardest worker i know! On top of that, Jeds younger brother Adam recently was diagnosed with cancer. Adam is just 2 years younger than Jed and his best friend. He has a sweet little boy Gaven. They have been hittin' hard with treatment. He is up at Huntsman for 5 days, and home for 2 weeks, then back there for 5 days! But on his two weeks off, he is up there for numerous tests including awful lumbar punctures! Poor guy! Last chemo round, he got such a bad infection that he had to go back to the hospital for almost a week.Life has been rough and so unexpected lately. I am so grateful for amazing family and friends to get me (and jed) through this!
Other than work, we haven't had much time for play. A few weeks ago, Kristi treated me to little St George get-a-way. It was a much needed relaxing vacation! Her parents have an AMAZING home. So we just laid out. All day. every day. It was magical!